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Poway Wrestling: Building Champions, Embracing Legacy

Poway Wrestling nurtures champions through tradition and innovation, fostering resilience and excellence on and off the mat.


The flagship high school wrestling team that competes at the state and national levels, showcasing the talent and dedication of Poway’s athletes.

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A program designed for young wrestlers, ages 6 to 14, focused on skill improvement and developing a commitment to the sport.

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Elite Youth Wrestling

An opportunity for experienced young wrestlers to train and compete at higher levels, with participation based on proven skills and a strong desire to excel.

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About Poway Wrestling

Born in upstate New York on September 26, 1908, Dr. Perry L. Munday started his wrestling career in the late 1920s at the University of Missouri before coaching in New York. After retiring to Rancho Bernardo in the late 1970s, he became involved with Poway High School’s wrestling program. In 2000, Dr. Munday’s passion for wrestling led him to donate $1 million to the Poway Wrestling Foundation, funding the construction of the Dr. Perry L. Munday Wrestling Center.

Dr. Munday, who passed away in 2004, believed deeply in wrestling’s ability to instill important values like sportsmanship, honesty, and respect in young people, contributing to their development as productive citizens. His legacy continues to impact young wrestlers at Poway High School.

Core Values

Foundation & Triumphs

Emphasizing the balance between foundational principles and the pursuit of excellence, Poway Wrestling champions both character and achievement.

Training Philosophy

Poway Wrestling’s philosophy emphasizes comprehensive athlete development, blending physical prowess with mental and emotional resilience, underlined by dedication and teamwork.

Community and Inclusivity

Poway Wrestling champions inclusivity and community, creating a supportive environment for boys and girls at all levels to thrive and grow together.

Achievements and Recognition

With a storied history of league, CIF, and state titles, Poway Wrestling’s achievements underscore its longstanding excellence and competitive spirit.