The Wayne Branstetter Legacy Fund

The Wayne Branstetter Legacy Fund

You now have the unique opportunity to not only invest in the Poway Wrestling tradition, but to do so in the name of the man who started it all! The Wayne Branstetter Legacy Fund will create an atmosphere unparalleled in high school sports. Our mission is to use the platform of wrestling to develop national and world champion wrestlers, while we foster the growth of great citizens. What better way to accomplish this than to do it in the honor of Wayne Branstetter; the man whose dedication and commitment created a record setting program at Poway High School:

  • 42 League Titles 
  • 38 CIF Titles 
  • 36 Master Titles 
  • 4 State Titles (86’,99’,05’09’) 
  • 6 State Runner-ups (92’,03’,06’,07’,13’) 
  • 28 State Top 5 Finishes


With this fund we hope to:

  • Create a free training atmosphere for all Poway wrestlers
  • Create a fund to help offset the costs for coaches who are pursuing their teaching credential
  • Create the opportunity for ALL of our wrestlers to travel to national tournaments
  • Create an opportunity for USA Olympic hopefuls to train in Poway and mentor our wrestlers
  • Create the opportunity for our highest level athletes to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado during the offseason


At this time, we have youth and high school wrestlers who are nationally ranked, yet cannot afford to compete at the high level tournaments they need in order to reach their full potential. Just in the past year we have had individuals compete in Reno, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Atlanta, Fargo North Dakota, Iowa, and Indiana at national level tournaments. You can imagine the amount of money it costs to travel to these tournaments. With this fund, we aim to secure more opportunities for more wrestlers to grow and develop.

Coach Branstetter transformed Poway Wrestling into a national powerhouse in large part thanks to a rigorous offseason competition schedule. Every offseason weekend, Coach Branstetter would chorale teenagers into carpools. He would challenge wrestlers to get one hundred matches across the offseason, because knew that the key to success in wrestling lay in wrestling all the time. This fund will help continue Coach Branstetter’s philosophy into the future.

The WBLF will also help aspiring coaches give back to the sport by helping with their credentialing process, and by giving active competitors a place to train. When a coach becomes an on-campus teacher, he not only has a stable financial base that allows him to coach year round, but he also can build stronger relationships with athletes in the classroom. We currently have three former Poway wrestlers who are working toward obtaining their teaching credential in hopes of teaching and coaching at Poway or Twin Peaks Middle School.

Bringing in active Senior Level athletes creates more mentors for wrestlers to draw on, and refreshes the training process with cutting-edge technique. Our dream is to create the first ever Olympic Regional Training Center at a high school. This training center would serve to not only encourage Olympic hopefuls to train at Poway, but also give back to the sport by mentoring and coaching our youth teams.

With the Wayne Branstetter Legacy Fund in place, you can finally give back to the wrestling community and contribute to the vision that Coach Branstetter created.

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