Our History

Poway Wrestling Foundation Beginnings

Our predecessor organization, Poway USA Wrestling, was created in 1990 to supported wrestling in Poway. That organization sponsored the Slammers Kids Wrestling Club and the Poway High School wrestling team.

In the fall of 2000, long-time Poway wrestling fan, Dr. Perry L. Munday, decided to make a very generous donation of $1,000,000 to create a new wrestling practice facility at Poway High School. After a number of meetings with the school administrators, it was decided that the most cost effective and expedient means of construction the new facility would be through a private foundation. The foundation would accept Dr. Munday's give, manage the construction, and transfer ownership to the school district upon completion.

Unfortunately, Poway USA Wrestling was not organized to serve this role. Thus, a new non-profit organization was created by Todd Gutschow, the Poway Wrestling Foundation (PWF). PWF is a non-profit public benefit corporation and received its tax exemption status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

PWF accepted Dr. Munday's gift in December 2000. The Foundation has been working since that time to design and construction the new Dr. Perry L. Munday Wrestling Center at Poway High School. The center was completed in March 2002 and officially opened in April 2002

With the Foundation up and running, it became clear that having two organizations (Poway USA Wrestling and the Poway Wrestling Foundation) supporting Poway Wrestling did not make sense. Thus, the Boards of Directors of each organization met to discuss ways to combine operations. It was decided that Poway USA Wrestling would terminate operations and gift its remaining funds to the Poway Wrestling Foundation. PWF agreed to perform all functions previously performed by Poway USA Wrestling including sponsorship of the Slammers Kids Wrestling Club.

By focusing all of our efforts on one organization, PWF will continue to provide the high level of financial and volunteer support needed to keep Poway Wrestling one of the nations best known and respected wrestling programs.

Dr. Munday and Coach Branstetter at the ground breaking ceremony for the Wrestling in Center in August 2001.

Doctor Perry L. Munday

Dr. Perry L. Munday was born on September 26, 1908 in upstate New York. He began his wrestling career in the late 1920s at the University of Missouri. Later, he coached wrestling in upstate New York. When he retired to Rancho Bernardo in the late-1970's, his passion for the sport led him to Poway High School and varsity wrestling coach Wayne Branstetter.

Since then, Dr. Munday has been a committed supporter and fan of Poway Wrestling. His love of wrestling and Poway combinated in his gift of $1,000,000 to the Poway Wrestling Foundation in late 2000. This gift was the primary source of funding for the construction of the Dr. Perry L. Munday Wrestling Center at Poway High School.

Dr. Munday passed away on September 6, 2004. He believed deeply that wrestling fosters in youth the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority and that such ideals are key to developing young people into productive adults and good citizens. His love of wrestling and commitment to youth lives on each day in the young people that compete in the building that bears his name.

Thank you Doc!